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SEN Coordinator: Mrs H Glendinning

Parent & Carer Feedback

Just some of the feedback we have received from parents and carers...

We have been very pleased and grateful for all the support you and your colleagues have provided for our daughter in her time at MBMS. Academically, she is making great progress and received a school award for effort for the year. Her confidence and self-belief have grown substantially. Overall, the extra support has been critical in her enjoyment of her time at MBMS and the extremely positive report from the School.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Our daughter's dyslexia has caused numerous challenges and frustrations since it was first diagnosed, but the Dyslexia Referral Unit and the schools interventions, and help she has received, have been brilliant.

With the school's encouragement, she has continued to maintain much needed levels of confidence, in her abilities, to the point that her favourite lesson is actually English. When in March she won a creative writing competition, and her piece was read out in front of the whole year. She described it as, "The best day ever!"

We have no problems with our daughter being mentioned by name, if required, we are extremely proud of the hard work she puts in, and the progress she is making... and the regular feedback we get from the school is both welcomed and encouraging.

My son has always struggled with English, and he really didn't enjoy reading or writing - until recently with the help and guidance of his wonderful English teacher he is actually starting to enjoy reading and writing and his work and enthusiasm has improved considerably. I'm really proud of him and so glad he is settling in - thanks to Marden and their lovely teachers (especially Mrs Glendinning ;-)

Since moving to MBMS, the support we have received has far exceeded the support we have experienced elsewhere. The main reason for this has been due to Helen Glendinning who has provided excellent, consistent and supportive advice. She has been contactable at all times and listens carefully to concerns and queries. Helen has sought external advice too in order to really strengthen the support on offer for us.

Having a child with SEN is very difficult and can be emotional too - the support we have received from MBMS has helped us understand the strengths our child offers as well as the challenges she faces. Knowing that she is within a school who will support her every step of the way without excluding her from activities or pigeon holing her for her needs makes all the difference.

I have really appreciated the time and understanding time have taken with my daughter. It's been important to me to know that even when she isn't able to express that something is worrying her or making her feel anxious that someone from the teaching staff or support staff will pick up on her body language / facial expression and ask her how she is and support her to sort out the situation.

It has also been very meaningful to me when support staff have rang to let me know about certain events / situations and how they have supported her. I feel good communication between parents and the school is essential. My daughter also utilises the pupils support room and I appreciate that there is a quiet area in the school where children know they can go if they feel they need to.

What can I say about MBMS SEND dept?

When my son joined MBMS 3 years ago, the SEND department immediately started the ball rolling with the statement, as they had assessed his some of his needs in the 3 visits previously.

They also brought in different departments, ie dyslexia, dyscalculia, psychologist, etc, to see where he needed help, also they gave him a 30 minute lesson before school started 3 times a week, to help him catch up.

They recognised that he needed help socialising and implemented "nurture " group to allow him to make friends, with like minded children, from 8-845. The staff are always encouraging my son to his full ability and sometimes even buy resources out of their own pocket if they think it will help any child.

I could go on and on about the wonderful SEND department all day, as I have over the last 4 years watched my son grow from someone who had unrecognised learning difficulties who did not want to learn or go to school to a young man who literally jumps out of bed to get to nurture group, and loves school!

All I can say is Thank you.

It seems so little to say from the amount of difference the SEND department have made to my son's world.

Feedback from some of our students...

"I get lots of help with my writing. I also get more time in spelling things like in tests."

"One of my best lessons that help me is Science because I get take away homework and he reads what I have written not what I can spell."

"Art doesn't have a lot of writing in, but when it does I get a sheet to help."

"I really like work in English with Mrs Glendinning because she makes all the work fun and exciting and introduces new things."

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