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Writing | Opinions | Reviews | Diction

WORD is a platform for YOU
to share YOUR words,
YOUR opinions
and YOUR voice;
an opportunity
to have YOUR say
about YOUR ideas
and what affects YOU. 


Get Involved!

There are many different ways that you can get involved with WORD.  If you are interested, ask one of our current editors or Miss Chapman

WORD is held on Mondays 3.35-4.30pm. 



Our writers/artists are all freelance, so you can simply enter one piece of work or you can enter every half-term. All freelancers who enter into WORD are pupils, meaning YOU can join us. If you have a piece of work which you are impressed by or have an idea for a piece of work that you want the school to see, tell either one of our editors or Miss Chapman (our facilitator) and we will help you develop it. You can do work at home, after school on Monday or at lunch in room 7.


In House:

To work ‘In House’ means that you will contribute to each issue of WORD and you can specialise in one particular skill if you wish. If you love to review games/music/books, this is the role for you! If you love sport, why join the team as an In House sports journalist. If you love sharing your opinions on youtube, why not contribute each issue and get your voice heard? To take on this role, you will need to share your ideas with the editors and attend meetings for regular updates.



Our editors are currently the three founding members of WORD, Molly Davidson, Jay Wright and Nathan Guthrie. These editors will help you to improve upon your work so that you can reach your full potential.  If you decide to join word you will be assigned one of these editors as a line manager; this line manager will ensure that the work is done to a necessary standard and will make sure that you get your work done before the deadline.  Do not be intimidated, however, because our editors are very supportive and are willing and ready to help you at any moment that you feel that you are struggling, that is their purpose.

Each editor attends WORD each week in room 7 to discuss the forthcoming issue and its progress.  Tasks will be discussed and shared out - these tasks may range from reading work to creating artwork, conducting interviews or writing.  Each editor of WORD is required to contribute to every issue. 

Teacher Recommends...

Each issue, year 7 and 8 English teachers will be asked to recommend a member of their class for a particular piece of writing that has impressed them.  

Can you make your work outstanding? 

The creative Writing Competition will begin in earnest in the second issue of WORD.

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