Life Studies

Mindfulness Meditation

mindfulness graphicTwo whole year groups have begun courses in Mindfulness Meditation, as part of their Life Studies lessons.

This means that one whole half of the school is receiving this programme, designed as a training in attention and self-awareness. It is hoped that this will help young people to respond better to the demands of performing well at school and in interactions with their peer group and family.

Students have said that mindfulness training has helped them not only with stress, anxiety and relationships, but with concentration in lessons, to sleep better and even with sport and music.

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The course taught is a purely secular and scientific programme and is not aligned to any religious belief or practice.

For further information on the specific course we will be teaching please visit the Mindfulness in Schools Project website; or, for a broader overview of mindfulness, there is an excellent website from the Mental Health Foundation

If any of you parents out there are interested in learning more about mindfulness yourself, then please let Mrs Wright know, as greater parental involvement is one of the things we wish to explore in the future. Also, if you notice any little changes (hopefully really positive ones!) in your child at home, we’d be really interested to hear about them!

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