MBMS School House System
An explanation of Marden Bridge's Houses 

MBMS School Badge

The Marden Bridge school badge has a rich history behind it, and our House system was created with this in mind. This is what the features on our crest represent:

The ship and the waves represent the coast; it shows that the school community relied on the sea for food and prosperity.

The castle represents Tynemouth Castle, and the ramparts that were created by Edward II.

The three crowns represent the three saintly kings who lived in and ruled over the castle.

Each of the three kings started their own communities, their own houses, where each expected respect and excellence from their subjects. Each king chose a different bay on the coast and named their house after it.

The three kings will be presented as the founders of the three Marden Bridge Houses, which are also named after bays on the coast - Cullercoats, Longsands and Whitley.

Each house has a distinct logo, colour and set of characteristics...
MBMS Cullercoats House Logo
MBMS Longsands House logo
MBMS Whitley House logo

Pupils have been allocated a house by their form tutors, based on the character traits we believe they possess, and/or need to develop.

We utilise the house system to develop pupils' natural curiosity and enthusiasm; to increase motivation, and build on their sense of pride and self-belief. Pupils will represent their house by accruing merit points throughout the year and competing for their house on Sports Day.

They will also collaborate on designated drop down days, where they will work in vertical groups made of all four year groups in order to increase exposure to other year groups and build on interpersonal skills.

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