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Marden Bridge Middle School uniform policy guide

School Uniform Policy

All pupils attending MBMS are required to wear a school uniform including any school organised trip, activity or competative sports event unless otherwise stated.

Dark grey or black traditional school trousers, not skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings or cargo pants or trousers that are made of denim or in a jeans style. Trousers should touch the ankle and not be cropped.

Dark grey or black, pleated or plain and of a suitable length. No shorter than just above the knee.

Plain black tights - no patterns. Socks should be black. grey or white. No over-knee, fluffy or patterned socks. Leggings must not be worn under skirts.

School Polo Shirt
Plain white polo shirt.

School Sweatshirt
Purple sweatshirt with embroidered MBMS badge/logo

Plain black, polishable, low-heeled shoes with laces, buckles or straps. Plain black trainers are also acceptable without highlighted logos. No mules, ballet pumps, sandals or flip flops. Plain black boots are acceptable without patterns or tassels. Wellies can be worn into school but must be changed on entering the building.

Jewellery & Makeup
Watches are permitted but no other jewellery in the interests of safety. No makeup or nail varnish. No piercings are permitted including: tongue, nose, ears, navel, eyebrows etc. Please ensure that if your child does choose to have a piercing, that this is done in the first week of the summer holiday so that there is sufficient time to heal before the first week back at school

Hairstyles must be an appropriate style and a natural hair colour. Tram lines, patterns, fully shaved and partially shaved heads are not permitted. Hair accessories should be plain with no big bows, flowery patterns or scarves. Long hair must be tied back in science, PE, DT and other practical activities for safety.

Outdoor Clothing
Weatherproof, practical coat.

Religious Clothing
Plain black headscarf which may cover the hair but not obscure the face. This must be tied back in Science, PE, DT and other practical activities for safety. Black turban or skull cap.

PE Kit: Indoor/Summer
Plain white crewneck t-shirt, plain black shorts, short white socks, trainers. Plain black tracksuit bottoms/sports leggings with small logo only.

PE Kit: Outdoor/Autumn/Spring
Grey hooded sweatshirt with logo, plain black shorts, long purple socks, football boots for grass and astro trainers for the all-weather pitches. Shin pads for football and hockey and a gum shield for contact rugby and hockey

Where to Buy

Our full uniform, including sportswear
can be purchased from the following retailers:

Anne Thomas logo

Anne Thomas
180 Park View, Whitley Bay

Emblematic logo

North Tyne Industrial Estate, Longbenton

Suppliers of other non-logo clothing include all major supermarkets, Marks and Spencer, New Look or any other preferred retailer. However, please be aware that our school uniform policy determines the acceptable uniform for our pupils, not the items for sale in the uniform section of retailers.

All clothing must be clearly labelled with the pupil's name and class.

Pupils not conforming to the uniform policy will be given a 2 day period/weekend to rectify their uniform. Following this, pupils will be removed from the school yard at lunch-time until the correct uniform is worn.

A doctor's note must be provided where, for medical reasons, a pupil is unable to wear school shoes.

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