Faculty of ENGLISH
Faculty Leader: Mrs W Dixon

English Across the Curriculum

English is the fundamental core of all other areas of the curriculum.

Pupils learn the key skills of reading, writing and speaking and listening in order to become confident, effective communicators in a rapidly changing world.

We believe that all pupils have the ability to become successful learners and to achieve their full potential.

Through English, pupils are provided with opportunities to encourage their creative talents. For example: by re-enacting VE Day celebrations to bring a novel to life or by using role-play to understand and empathise with a character from a novel. A creative writing club has been established to encourage and foster such enthusiasm.

Reading for pleasure and enjoyment is actively promoted with opportunities for enrichment in the well-stocked library and at the weekly Book Club. Reading for pleasure not only has academic benefits but also generates a better understanding of other cultures, greater knowledge and is an important insight into human nature.

At MBMS, a diversity of teaching and learning styles promote a varied and exciting curriculum. Enquiring minds are stimulated through developing skills such as questioning techniques.

With the recent introduction of a revised National Curriculum, there have be many changes taking place within our schemes of work, incorporating a greater emphasis on debate, grammar, spelling and punctuation. This has given us the opportunity to update, refine and tailor our curriculum even more, so that we can continue to improve the attainment of all our pupils.

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