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Art @ Marden Bridge

The art curriculum at Marden Bridge Middle School aims to enable students to develop as artists and understand the behaviours and thinking that will enable them to do this; both in skills and ideas. They will begin to view themselves as artists. Through their learning, they will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of artistic forms and study a diverse range of artists, designers and craftspeople including key influential artists and more contemporary practitioners.

Students will study a range of different artists and art forms, encompassing painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, collage, digital media and at times other techniques. The curriculum is structured around the Artist Studio habits of mind and Threshold Concepts for art.

We use a wide range of materials, different media and techniques to encourage pupils to experiment and develop their practical skills as they explore tasks. The needs of individual pupils are addressed and specialist equipment and materials are available for use  eg. different scissors, drawing pens, modelling materials.

Opportunities are also available for individual help and advice at lunch times and at the Art/Carnival Club held one evening per week. A number of artists are studied throughout all year groups and pupils learn to think critically and gain understanding of their work and the work of others.

We also aim to be enterprising and use the art created in school. Recent calendars have proved popular and our designs depicting ‘Pudsey Bear’ wearing various costumes and made into badges have raised nearly £400 for Children in Need.

Teaching is responsive and the curriculum allows for both direct teaching of skills and techniques alongside increasing choice as the students become more confident in the use of materials, ideas development and reflective practice. Each year includes 2D and 3D or printmaking activities; skills are spiral and developed through context to match real-life examples and careers.

Increasingly, choice-based learning will be encouraged around a theme as students become more confident artists. As students progress through the school, they will be able to confidently use a range of tools, materials and processes in their work.

They will be able to make links between their work and the work of others and understand some of the conventions of art throughout history. They will be able to develop ideas for their work and reflect critically on their choices, working as individuals, in groups and as a whole class. They will have increasing connections to their work and how it reflects them and their society.

Students will use Studio Thinking and Threshold Concepts to discuss and evaluate their work and practise independently. They will be able to support their peers in the making, reflection and refinement of their art work.

Pupils will be engaged in their learning and willing to develop and try out new ideas. They will have had the opportunity to experience a range of art forms throughout their time at Marden Bridge.

In addition, pupils will have the opportunity to take part in:

Special days - Trips, events, assemblies, invited speakers and more.

London Arts residential - usually in early October for year 7 students.

Whitley Bay Carnival - Late May bank holiday weekend.

Various artist led workshops throughout the year.

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