Humanities: Geography
Faculty Leader: Mrs L Jackson

Welcome to Geography at Marden Bridge

Geography is a unique subject in that it is a combination of both social and natural sciences. Our geography programme reflects the importance of both and how they relate to each other. Throughout their time, we hope to inspire, challenge and create a sense of wonder about the world.

At Marden Bridge, we provide an inclusive geographical learning environment for all our pupils allowing them to develop their disciplinary knowledge, skills and conceptual ideas while addressing misconceptions and stereotypes about the world around us. We facilitate conversations, debates and discussions throughout their lessons, deepening their levels of empathy, confidence and understanding.


The content within the geography curriculum at Marden Bridge has been carefully considered, selected and sequenced in order for our pupils to build upon a wide range of ideas and contexts. We use the National Curriculum as a benchmark for the content included throughout, however our progression model allows us to go beyond this creating more opportunities for greater depth in our learners

Over the four years, children are taught to improve on their literacy and numeracy skills relating to geography in written work and verbally. Our learners are also encouraged to “speak like a geographer” which insists on deepening explanations and using more-complex geographical vocabulary.

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