Humanities: HISTORY
Faculty Leader: Mrs L Jackson

History @ MBMS

History  at MBMS

History is an exciting and challenging subject at Marden Bridge. Pupils encounter a wide range of activities and materials, differentiated to extend all abilities.

Colourful new texts are used to develop an understanding of the past, looking at primary sources of information and the latest ideas of modern historians.

Pupils have opportunities to visit local historic sites and museums, handle artefacts, use simulation and re-enactment and see videos which highlight key historical issues. We discuss and debate the past and the present, thinking about the lives of the ordinary people and the most significant events and figures.

Children are encouraged to develop their skills of reasoning, language and investigation through logical and creative writing.

In Key Stage 3, children also study Citizenship and learn about how the country is governed, how our constitutional monarchy has developed through history, their rights and responsibilities as citizens and discuss current affairs.

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