Faculty Leader: Mrs L Jackson


The Humanities Faculty comprises of three core subject areas:



    Life Studies

Our children need to know and understand as much as possible about their world, and the world as other people experience it.

The programmes of study within the faculty enable our students to broaden their understanding and prepare for life in the modern world. Our aim is to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of every individual student in an interesting, enjoyable and rewarding way. Children are encouraged to explore and research, and are given opportunities to express their own interests and opinions as they discover more about themselves, other people and the world in general.

The faculty provides exciting and challenging activities using a wide range of materials and teaching methods across a variety of themes. We use the local community as a key tool in our teaching and learning, by visiting locations such as Holy Island, Cullercoats, Warkworth Castle and various religious places of worship.

We are also forging cross-curricular links within the faculty and with other faculty areas to develop visits and modules of work.

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