Staff List & Board of Governors

Teaching & Support Staff

Leadership Team

John Newport: Headteacher

Jonny Instone: Deputy Headteacher

Wendy Dixon: Assistant Headteacher

Kerry Fairman: Assistant Headteacher

Faculty Leaders

Wendy Dixon: English

Jonny Instone: Science & Technology

Kerry Fairman: Mathematics

James Turner: ICT

Clair Cooper: Arts

Lynsey Jackson: Humanities

Paul Cullen: PE and Sport

Sarah Richardson: SENco

Year Group Leaders

Faye Voisey: Head of Year 5

Neil Morton: Head of Year 6

James Turner: Head of Year 7

Paul Cullen: Head of Year 8

Teaching Staff

Jonny Instone: Science

Chris Bell: Science

Amanda Lee: Science

Michael Day: Science

Emma Brown: Design & Technology

Anna Thomson: Languages

Christelle Faure: French

Jennifer Lister: Geography

Sean McGregor: History

Lynsey Jackson: Life Studies

Claire Cooper: Art

Andrew Griffiths: Music

James Turner: ICT

Paul Cullen: P.E.

Hayley Newport: P.E.

Gina Williams: SEN Teacher

Lyndsey Cottiss: Maths

Elaine Lillie: Maths

Neil Morton: Maths

Emma Duckworth: Maths

Chloe Maynard: Maths

Kerry Fairman: Maths

Hollie Veitch: Maths

Jess Sproat: Maths

Wendy Dixon: English

Sarah Richardson: English + SENco

Marie Chapman: English

Faye Voisey: English

Christine Byren: English

Vicki Hunter: English

Frazer Lough: English

Marie Jackson: English


Support Staff

Deborah Munn: Cover Supervisor

Colin Robinson: Cover Supervisor

Jane Dignan: HLTA

Jane Stoker: HLTA

Angharad Thompson: HLTA

Christine Seymour: HLTA

Kathryn Henderson: Learning Mentor

Helen Hutchinson: Learning Mentor

Ruth Taylor: Attendance/Behaviour Support

Shauna Bolam: HLTA

Cat Northcott: LSA

Jillian Carlson: LSA

Chloe Edmondson: LSA

Jamie Duell: LSA

Brigette Elliott: LSA

Kirsty Parker: LSA

Non-Teaching Staff

Lynda England: Bursar

Lesley Nash: LMS Clerk

Lisa Dawson: Headteacher's PA/Admin

Talya Walker: Admin

Mike Leyden: IT Manager

Jerry Watson: Caretaker

Contact Us
Lovaine Avenue
Whitley Bay
Tyne & Wear
NE25 8RW
0191 349 9538
0191 200 8727
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