Mr Newport, Headteacher of MBMS
A word of welcome from our Headteacher

Mr John Newport

Dear parent/carer,

At Marden Bridge we pride ourselves in setting the highest academic standards for all of our students. We are an inclusive, caring, disciplined and happy school that provides a safe, secure and innovative learning environment for all who learn and work here. We are committed to developing the talents and expertise of each individual at Marden Bridge and this is reflected in the success and achievements that our students make.

The pandemic has shown the need for us to come together as a community and work for each other. Team spirit and support is the key to providing the best environment for the pupils to flourish in. At MBMS, we ensure we give the pupils a wide range of opportunities, lots of which they will succeed in, but also, when mistakes are made, a chance to reflect and further their emotional/academic development as individuals.


This is an exciting time for Marden Bridge; we have a lot to offer our learners:


We are currently living in changing times. However, at Marden Bridge you will be sure to find that no matter where our world is moving to, we keep the welfare and development of our pupils at the very core of our tasks each day. Please call to arrange a visit if you would like to see more first hand.


Very best regards,

John Newport
Head Teacher
Marden Bridge Middle School


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Tyne & Wear
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